Product Led Growth applications powered by cross-platform data and next-generation real-time AI.

Shopify stores only!


Product Led Growth applications powered by cross-platform data and next-generation real-time AI.

Shopify stores only!

Transforming buying experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Each product led growth app is a collection of Growth Bots, AI powered e-commerce components, introduced to enable various product-led growth strategies at different stages of the customer lifecycle.

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What makes Obviyo so different?

Product Led Growth Applications - Results

Real-Time Performance

To attain top-tier results, you require a solution designed for peak real-time performance.

Obviyo is built on Obviyo’s PLG Cloud, leveraging its maximum CDN capability. This ensures rapid visitor tracking, efficient multi-environment data exchanges, and advanced machine learning. Together, these features deliver personalized experiences to live shoppers in milliseconds.

Adaptive Algorithms

Adaptive personalization is an evolving science, demanding time, deep expertise, and extensive empirical experience with real eCommerce sites.

Obviyo boasts a proven track record of delivering high-value results to some of the largest and most demanding global retail brands.

Data Integration

Besides revenue lift, the ultimate value of personalization lies in the product and market insights it provides.

Personalization is natively integrated into Obviyo’s experience data platform, meaning you benefit from advanced data segmentation and performance analysis across the entire buyer journey.

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Ease of use

Obviyo application suite is a collection of ready-to-go e-commerce components, called Growth Bots.

EXAMPLE: First time use favorites
Hover your mouse over or tap to explore the bots below.

NOTE: You can go live in 60 seconds. No IT or coding required.


transform rules into real-time behaviorCHALLENGE: Online retail struggles with a persistent 2% conversion rate and a 70% cart abandonment rate. Even the best UI design practices and targeting rules yield only marginal improvements.

PLG SOLUTION: Implement advanced AI algorithms to dynamically adapt to shopper behavior in real time.


transform design into product discovery

CHALLENGE: Over 90% of shoppers leave the average store without adding any product to their cart. While beautiful store design is beneficial, it’s no longer sufficient for success.

PLG SOLUTION: Facilitate effortless product discovery with a variety of intelligent product display options.


make shopping relevant and real-time for returning customers

CHALLENGE: Less than 5% of all shoppers are returning customers. Growing mailing list by capturing contact information of anonymous visitors does not solve the problem of bringing the shoppers back to the store.

PLG SOLUTION: Make email relevant to the recent store visit and additional products of interest. 


CHALLENGE: Over the past five years, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) has risen by 60%. Managing and tracking paid marketing campaigns has become more challenging.

PLG SOLUTION: Utilize high-performing products to enhance paid-ad campaign results.

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Want to see a demo?

30 minute call with a product led growth expert.


How easy is to add Obviyo app to my Shopify store?

Super easy. It only takes a few clicks.

Once you install the Obviyo for Shopify app our system will start multiple automated workflows. This will connect our app to your Shopify store data, automatically place our tag in your theme, map data, and much more.

Is my data safe and secure?


Obviyo Recommend complies with Shopify’s own high data privacy and security requirements.

To learn more about our data privacy and security please check our Privacy Policy.

Note: We never share data with Amazon.

Will you slow our page load time?

Relative to your existing page load time, the impact is minimal.

Note: When evaluating our tag load times Merchants should have in mind that our tag is an asynchronous tag. Meaning, it loads in parallel with other page content. So, if our tag loads in 200ms that does not mean the net impact on the page load time is 200ms. Instead, it is a fraction of that – since during the 200ms time interval a browser is also loading 4-5 other content items in parallel.

What happens if we decide not to use your app after the initial free trial?


There is no need to uninstall the app. You will always have access to the free version of the app.