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Product recommendations and personalization for winning new customers with AI powered Growth Bots.

NOTE: ‘Taiga‘ is Shopify 2.0 theme developed by Woolman.

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What is your strategy for winning new customers?

On average*, 94% of your online store visitors are unknown non-customers. Don’t expect them to put in a lot of effort to find something they want.

* Source: Obviyo’s random sample of 1,000 Shopify merchants.

How effective are your store’s touch points?

A successful sale is a result of a chain of successful customer interactions. If one interaction is broken the whole chain is broken.

Winning new customers is not complicated

Just let your site automatically connect non-customers to desired products via AI powered touch points.

Directly measurable results

The individual and site wide metrics are directly measurable so you can effectively manage and optimize revenue growth results.

Revenue impacted


Key Performance Indicator

This metric depends on the number of AI powered touch points and the power of AI algorithms used.

Visits influenced


Number of AI powered touch points

WIDE NET STRATEGY: higher the number of AI powered touch points higher the number of visits influenced.

Revenue per visit difference


Power of AI algorithms

REAL TIME CAPABILITY: use of live visitor actions as buying signals auto connects non-customers with desired products.

Sounds hard. Not at all.

Effortlessly add Growth Bots, highly automated and intelligent touch points.

Introducing Growth Bots

Growth Bots are ready-to-go AI powered touch points made to look like ordinary web content. The secret behind their amazing results is the use of live visitor actions and the most advanced AI algorithms.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Get more revenue from visitors who are likely to make purchases.



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Stage effective product discovery experiences for targeted audiences.


Win new buyers by adapting to visitor behavior in real time.

Integrated with ‘Amazon Personalize’ – Amazon’s own personalization engine – Obviyo can continuously adapt to visitors’ actions in real time.

“Obviyo allows brands of any size to benefit from personalization based on the same technology that is powering product recommendations on”

Head of Business Development for AI, Amazon – AWS

Revenue Growth Automation works.

See how brands are growing revenue faster with Obviyo.

Get Coaching + Support from Ecommerce Experts


All customers get support from a human. You’ll never be left to figure it out on your own with just Help Docs (although, we do like to think ours are helpful).

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Have over 50 products and more than $1M in revenue? One of our experts will personally help you get Obviyo up and running on your store. You’ll soon have 4-6 live recommendations.

1:1 Coaching

You’ll have access to in-house personalization coaches who can share best practices and how to apply them to your store. It’ll be like having your own ecommerce shopper experience team.

Start your Revenue Growth Automation journey today.

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