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Recommend, personalize, upsell, cross-sell, and merchandize with AI powered Growth Bots.

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Every visitor action is a buying signal. Monetize it.

It takes only minutes – no coding needed.
Activate ready-to-go Growth Bots to connect the right shoppers with the right products in real time.

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Integrated with ‘Amazon Personalize’ – Amazon’s own personalization engine – Obviyo can continuously adapt to visitors’ actions in real time.

“Obviyo allows brands of any size to benefit from personalization based on the same technology that is powering product recommendations on”

Head of Business Development for AI, Amazon – AWS

Simple revenue growth formula

More Growth Bots activated, more visitors influenced, more revenue generated.

Revenue impacted


Revenue Growth

IMPACT: Metric depends on the number of AI powered Growth Bots and the power of AI algorithms used.

Visits influenced


Number of Growth Bots

WIDE NET STRATEGY: Greater the number of active AI powered Growth Bots, greater the number of visits influenced.

Revenue per visit difference


Power of AI algorithms

ACTIONS AS BUYING SIGNAL: Quantifies AI algorithms’ ability to adapt to visitor actions and context in real time.

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Obviyo’s library of Growth Bots can be overwhelming. Save time and effort with tried-and-proven playbooks.


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Enterprise customers have access to a dedicated Success Manager who can share best practices and recommend various Obviyo Recommend features to implement, aiming to optimize shopper retention and increase site revenue.

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