About Obviyo

AI technology for e-commerce revenue growth.

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Agents of change

After the Internet, AI represents the next unavoidable force set to transform the global economy.

Obviyo’s vision is to enable and lead this change with technological innovations.

E-commerce 2.0

AI is revolutionizing the way shoppers interact with online brands.

Obviyo’s mission is to assist these brands in achieving sustainable growth by consolidating highly fragmented online data and leveraging the power of AI algorithms.

Product Led Growth

Today’s e-commerce go-to-market model primarily focuses on customer acquisition.

Obviyo is championing a new approach, guided by product performance metrics, to enhance site performance and attract web visitors who are more likely to make purchases.

No coding

E-commerce brands often have limited capacity to adopt advanced technologies.

Obviyo offers a collection of Growth Bots, AI-powered components that a non-technical business person can easily add to an online store with just a few simple clicks.

Revenue growth.

Rising customer acquisition costs and stagnant site performance metrics are diminishing the profitability of online brands.

Obviyo provides a directly measurable boost across all key business metrics.

What makes Obviyo so different?

Real-Time Performance

To attain top-tier personalization results, you require a solution designed for peak real-time performance.

Obviyo is built on Obviyo’s PLG Cloud, leveraging its maximum CDN capability. This ensures rapid visitor tracking, efficient multi-environment data exchanges, and advanced machine learning. Together, these features deliver personalized experiences to live shoppers in milliseconds.

Adaptive Algorithms

Adaptive personalization is an evolving science, demanding time, deep expertise, and extensive empirical experience with real eCommerce sites.

Obviyo boasts a proven track record of delivering high-value results to some of the largest and most demanding global retail brands.

Data Integration

Besides revenue lift, the ultimate value of personalization lies in the product and market insights it provides.

Personalization is natively integrated into Obviyo’s experience data platform, meaning you benefit from advanced data segmentation and performance analysis across the entire buyer journey.

Our People and Culture

Our company is our people. We hire for aptitude over experience, and we pride ourselves on attracting, growing, and retaining people who have passion for personal growth. We believe in shared ownership and radical transparency. Every employee participates in the stock option plan.

Meet The Founders

Serial entrepreneurs and technology innovators.

Zee Aganovic, CEO

CEO of HiConversion, Apptimum, Cylex, A-Tech, Ph.D., Rutgers University.

David Henrickson, CTO

CTO of HiConversion, Apptimum, startups in France, and Germany. BS., Stanford University.

Prior startups acquired by: