A company built by entrepreneurs to serve entrepreneurs.

We are on a mission to shake up the world of ecommerce.

The rules we live by …

Innovate to solve big and obvious problems.

Deliver obvious value.

Build trust using anonymous data to provide solutions.

Remove barriers preventing adoption of AI.

Level the playing field to create revenue opportunities for all.


Obviyo is short for Obvious.


Product – Customer Fit

Tip of the ‘iceberg’. On average, more than 90% of all ecommerce shoppers leave a site without ever adding something to their cart.

Almost all these site abandoners are unidentified shoppers whose product needs remain unknown and unfulfilled.

It’s a MASSIVE problem with seemingly no obvious solution.


Directly measurable results.

We track and report metrics of every Obviyo component added to your site.

This provides actionable insights into customer preferences and new market opportunities. Long term value of insights often far exceeds direct revenue lift.


Use of anonymous visitor data.

Obviyo uses the context and actions of anonymous ecommerce visitors as buying signals to instantly present products based on shoppers’ real-time preferences.

By adapting to each shopper’s behavior Obviyo drives new revenue from non-customers while at the same time increasing the lifetime value and loyalty of existing customers.


It’s about ease of use.

We know that merchants are overwhelmed by the day-to-day of running a store, with no time to learn and implement new software technologies. But, if they don’t, they’re likely to fall behind the competition.

That’s why we introduced Growth Bots. Ready-to-go AI powered ecommerce components that non-technical shop owners can activate in a few clicks, growing new revenue one bot at a time.


Big boys technology for all.

We’re at the dawn of a major industrial transformation driven by AI. Big companies have the resources to transform. Mid-to-small companies do not.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Amazon to bring the power of their ecommerce AI to all Shopify merchants. We’ll continue to integrate with best-in-class technologies to ensure that all merchants can fairly compete.

Meet The Founders

Zee Aganovic, CEO

CEO of Apptimum, Cylex, A-Tech, Ph.D. in EE, Rutgers University.

David Henrickson, CTO

Founder and CTO of Apptimum, startups in France, and Germany. BS in EE, Stanford University.

Prior startups acquired by: