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Email personalization.

Obviyo difference.

Enhancing the relevance of email campaigns by personalizing them based on the most recent interactions customers have had with your products.

Results speak for themselves.

Here are a few examples of customer experience personalization results achieved by our customers.


Revenue growth



Conversion rate

Dress The Population


Cart abandonment



Click rate

Latico Leather

What’s in it for you?

Personalization driven by product engagement metrics is an email strategy game-changer.

Accelerated Growth

In today’s eCommerce landscape, effectively connecting with your shoppers is paramount.

Our personalization approach utilizes visitor actions as buying signals, enabling us to meet visitor product needs in real time.

Product Insights

Product knowledge stands as the ultimate competitive advantage.

Insights gleaned from personalized product recommendations uncover the true needs and preferences of customers.

Customer Insights

Customer knowledge is the key driver of your business strategy.

Our personalization method creates a true product-market fit and uncovers unexplored market opportunities.

Within a few days of implementing Obviyo, we saw a jump in sales and conversion rates. The support has been amazing and would highly recommend this to any business looking to get deeper into onsite personalization.


eCommerce Marketing Strategist
Supplement Warehouse


Synergee Fitness increased mobile time on site by 236% with use of Amazon’s own personalization algorithms





Without Growth Bots:
Time on site: 153 seconds
Revenue per visit: $3.59


With Growth Bots:
Time on site: 236%  (554s)
Revenue per visit: 603%   ($17.87)


Mobile shoppers spend less time on site compared to desktop visitors.

Visitors’ average time on site directly correlates with revenue per visitor (RPV) metric, which explains why mobile revenue per visit is way below desktop RPV.


With Growth Bots, this brand is boosting mobile visitor time on site.

As a result, they’re significantly increasing revenue-per-visit (RPV) of visitors who are engaging with Growth Bots.

“If you are looking to replicate the Amazon product discovery experience on your own site to influence more conversions and sales, this is the app for you. We went live quickly, and continue to add Growth Bots across our whole site, including the cart. The support team have been very helpful during our initial rollout, and the Amazon’s machine learning is a seriously powerful stuff!”

– Joey Huneau,
Founder, Synergee Fitness

Email personalization strategies.

Boost retention and customer lifetime value by personalizing email recommendations based on visitors’ most recent actions.

What makes Obviyo PLG Email Personalization so different?

Real-Time Performance

To attain top-tier personalization results, you require a solution designed for peak real-time performance.

Obviyo is built on Obviyo’s PLG Cloud, leveraging its maximum CDN capability. This ensures rapid visitor tracking, efficient multi-environment data exchanges, and advanced machine learning. Together, these features deliver personalized experiences to live shoppers in milliseconds.

Adaptive Algorithms

Adaptive personalization is an evolving science, demanding time, deep expertise, and extensive empirical experience with real eCommerce sites.

Obviyo boasts a proven track record of delivering high-value results to some of the largest and most demanding global retail brands.

Data Integration

Besides revenue lift, the ultimate value of personalization lies in the product and market insights it provides.

Personalization is natively integrated into Obviyo’s experience data platform, meaning you benefit from advanced data segmentation and performance analysis across the entire buyer journey.

Want to see a demo?

30 minute call with a product led growth expert.

Why go with us?

Simple Setup

Growth Bots come preconfigured and ready to use. Customize them with our visual editor, no coding required.

Top Notch Service

Our success management team will swiftly onboard and train your team. If you have limited internal resources, we also offer ‘concierge style’ professional services on-demand.

Measurable Results

We are committed to delivering continually measurable results, quantifying the monetary value of our adaptive personalization capabilities.


Is my data safe and secure?


Obviyo complies with high data privacy and security requirements.

To learn more about our data privacy and security please check our Privacy Policy.

Note: We do not share data with 3rd parties.

Will you slow our page load time?

No. Relative to your existing page load time, the impact is minimal.

Note: When evaluating our tag load times Merchants should have in mind that our tag is an asynchronous tag. Our tag loads in parallel with other page content. So, if our tag loads in 200ms that does not mean the net impact on the page load time is 200ms. Instead, it is a fraction of that – since during the 200ms time interval a browser also loaded 4-5 other content items in parallel.

Is it easy to add Obviyo to my store?

Yes. Just activate our Shopify app:

Feel free to ask for our help. We’ll gladly assist you.

Can we customize setup for our store?

Yes. The platform is highly customizable enabling you to provision your own styling and other configuration options.

How do we know what Growth Bots we should run on our site?

To assist you in navigating the various personalization options, we offer playbooks and, if needed, in-person consultation.