Conversion Rate Optimization

Adaptive shopping experience optimization for sustainable revenue growth.

Shopify stores only!


Adaptive conversion rate optimization for sustainable revenue growth.

Shopify stores only!


Conversion rate optimization

Obviyo difference.

Multivariate conversion rate optimization with real-time adaptive algorithms.

Results speak for themselves.

Here’s a few examples of adaptive experience optimization results achieved by our customers.


Conversion rate

Oral B


Revenue per visit



Cart abandonment

Scrubs And Beyond


Revenue per visitor


What's in it for you?

Adaptive customer experience optimization will profoundly impact your eCommerce business.

New Revenue

Nothing matters more in today’s eCommerce world than owning the buying experience.

With adaptive experience optimization you will create the most effective buying experiences to drive more revenue from your existing traffic.

No Redesigns

Stop spending time, money, and resources redesigning your site every other year.

Adaptive experience optimization is a process of continuous improvement, optimizing your site 24/7/365.

Competitive Edge

Customer knowledge is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Adaptive experience optimization enables you to easily experiment and gain insight into visitor needs and unexplored market opportunities.

“I knew A/B testing wasn’t the way anymore. Obviyo Optimize enables us to experiment in parallel with a large number of test hypothesis about how to make it easier for potential customers to buy from us. The most impressive is the AI that automatically adapts to what works best in the moment.”


Global Head of Digital Marketing, eCommerce and CRM


Optimizing the Product Detail Page Experience Minus the Risk of A/B Testing.


Before Obviyo: A/B Split Test
New design vs. existing page
Conversion rate: -12%


With Obviyo: Adaptive Optimization
Page components optimization
Conversion rate: +20.84%


Time to results: 4 weeks


When testing new page designs merchants can only get a binary results, positive or negative. If a result is negative then nobody knows which design changes were positive or negative.

By testing many components of a new design in parallel, merchants are able to get rapid results while learning which components were positive or negative.


With adaptive experience optimization, Oral-B is able to continuously optimize the customer experience where learning from one campaign is used to formulate the optimization hypothesis for the next one.

“Obviyo gave us the ability to run multiple A/B tests concurrently and provided clear insight on how each component impacts conversion individually and in combination. This helps us implement changes faster with a significantly higher degree of confidence than the full-page testing methodology”


Senior Brand Manager, Oral Care DTC

What makes Obviyo Optimization so different?

Real-Time Performance
To achieve top-tier adaptive optimization results you need a solution architected for the highest real-time performance.

Optimization sits on top of Obviyo’s HyperX Cloud. This maximizes CDN capability to provide high-speed visitor tracking, multi-environment data exchanges, and machine learning that delivers unique optimization experiences to live shoppers in milliseconds.

Adaptive Algorithms

Adaptive optimization is an emergent science. Development requires time, deep expertise, and a lot of empirical experience with real eCommerce sites.

Obviyo has a proven track record delivering high-value results to the largest and the most demanding global retail brands.

Data Integration

Besides revenue lift, the ultimate value of experience optimization are the customer and market insights.

Optimization is natively integrated into Obviyo’s experience data platform which means you get advanced data segmentation and performance analysis across the entire buyer journey.

Want to see a demo?

30 minute call with a product led growth expert.


Experience Optimization during the Holidays No Longer Optional.


Before Holidays:
Time interval: Nov 4 – Nov 24
Real-time RPV lift: -2.36%


During Holidays:
Time interval: Nov 24 – Dec 25
Real-time RPV lift: +16.43%


After Holidays:
Time interval: Dec 26 – Jan 25
Real-time RPV lift: +4.04%

What works well during the off-peak season, may in fact, not perform well during the high-stakes holiday season.

If Timex used a conventional A/B testing solution during pre-season they would be forced to stop the test that produced only one positive out of five treatments.

With adaptive optimization, that minimizes the impact of negative treatments, they discovered pre-season ‘losing’ tests become high season winners. Generating a double-digit revenue lift.


In the world where shoppers needs and preferences are hyper-fluid, merchants need smart technology capable of detecting and adapting to visitor whims in real time.

“We consider the ability to continually engage with customers & learn from their reactions to be our strategic competitive advantage.”


eCommerce Director, Timex

Easy to use.

Simple Integration

Platform agnostic – native integration with main eCommerce platforms, small Java script tag for others.

Native Multivariate

On the front it looks like a simple A/B test setup. On the back all A/B tests run as a multivariate experiment.

No IT needed

Intuitive setup wizard with ‘no-code’ visual editor for simple experiment setup. Always stay on brand.

Deep Insights

Going beyond conventional which treatment won to enable analysis of results across audience segments and metrics.

Don’t Get Stuck With Ideas. Experiment and Leap Forward.

With HiConversion Optimize, you don’t need to be an optimization expert. Bring your own hypothesis or pick one of many ready-to-go templates based on the latest UX patterns.

Start Optimizing Your Site – No Coding Required.

We know eCommerce works better when business and marketing teams are in control of the full revenue cycle. That’s why HiConversion Optimize provides self-guided setup that enables you to act without technical assistance.

Turn Visitor Data Into Revenue With On-Demand Insights

Your visitors are the source of competitive intelligence, helping you discover new revenue opportunities. HiConversion Optimize surfaces hidden data that other solutions do not provide – spot trends before its too late, create hyper-targeted marketing, and launch new products with confidence.

Why go with us?

Simple Setup

Activate our native integration applet or place a small tag into the <head> tag of your site’s theme.

Fully Managed Service

Our success management team will quickly onboard and train your team or, if you have limited internal resources, continue to provide ‘concierge style’ professional services on-demand.

Measurable Results

We will continually deliver directly measurable results quantifying the monetary value of our adaptive optimization capabilities.


Is my data safe and secure?


Obviyo complies with high data privacy and security requirements.

To learn more about our data privacy and security please check our Privacy Policy.

Note: We do not share data with 3rd parties.

Will you slow our page load time?

No. Relative to your existing page load time, the impact is minimal.

Note: When evaluating our tag load times Merchants should have in mind that our tag is an asynchronous tag. Our tag loads in parallel with other page content. So, if our tag loads in 200ms that does not mean the net impact on the page load time is 200ms. Instead, it is a fraction of that – since during the 200ms time interval a browser also loaded 4-5 other content items in parallel.

Is it easy to add Optimize to my store?

Yes. Just activate the native integration applet for supported eCommerce platforms or a generic script tag to your theme for others.

Feel free to ask for our help. We’ll gladly assist you.

Can we customize setup for our store?

Yes. The platform is highly customizable enabling you to provision your own custom events, goals, or segments.

How do we know what experiments we should run on our site?

If your team does not have prior experience in creating test hypothesis for A/B tests then you will need to rely on our success management team who will ensure you are up and running in shortest period of time.

They will recommend tests but you will be always in charge of the final decision.

Want to see a demo?

30 minute call with a product led growth expert.

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