Stop guessing what your online shoppers want to buy.

Recommend, personalize, upsell, cross-sell, and merchandize with AI powered Growth Bots.

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Your Shopify store revenue potential is bigger than you think

Every day, 90% of all your visitors, almost all unidentified, never add a product to their shopping cart and leave. But what if they were able to discover products they really want?

We’re here to help you win back unrealized revenue.

It’s a no-brainer

Hundreds of brands are growing their new revenue with Obviyo, because who can say no to revenue growth?

2x – 4x more shopper engagements

Obviyo helps expand store ‘shelf space’ and inspires more shoppers to discover products they want.

3x – 5x more revenue per visit

Obviyo presents the most relevant products to drive more revenue from existing traffic.

10% – 20% less abandoned carts 

Obviyo connects shoppers with products they really want so they’ll less likely abandon their carts.

Go live in 60 seconds

Obviyo is a library of ready-to-go ecommerce components that you can activate in just few clicks. No-coding required.


Minimize your workload

Obviyo is powered by the same self-learning AI used on Amazon’s marketplace. Start it and watch it outperform.

Gain actionable insights

Obviyo tracks and quantifies shopper reactions, helping you learn more about your shopper needs and new market opportunities.

Customer success stories

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Here is where we come in

We connect shoppers with products they want to buy in real time.

Obviyo provides a library of Growth Bots, ready-to-go ecommerce components, you can effortlessly add to your store to increase the number of ways buyers can engage to discover products.

The engagements are fully monetized with Amazon AI algorithms that use anonymous visitor actions as buying signals to recommend, cross-sell, or upsell products in real time.


Quick Start
Go live in 60 sec – no coding needed
Unmatched Results
Powered by Amazon AI
Win New Customers
Real time personalization
Lifetime Value
Cross-sell and upsell
Brand Differentiation
Delightful experiences with smart product display

EXAMPLE: Growth Bots visually look like any other content on your site – behind the scenes they function as micro-apps with their own data and intelligent logic.

It’s like printing money

Not buying it? Well, your customers are. Here’s how Obviyo helps you turn browsers into buyers.

Easy. Install Obviyo app in your Shopify admin. No IT needed.
Simple. Ready-to-go ecommerce components. No coding.
Quick. Get measurable results within days.
Powerful. Multiple playbooks to guide your actions.
Limitless. More bots you activate, more visitors you influence, more money you make.

70+ Growth Bots

Visit our demo store to explore them all. If you can’t find the one you’re looking for, we’ll build it for you.

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Integrated with ‘Amazon Personalize’ – Amazon’s own personalization engine – Obviyo can continuously adapt to visitors’ actions in real time.

“Obviyo allows brands of any size to benefit from personalization based on the same technology that is powering product recommendations on”

Head of Business Development for AI, Amazon – AWS

Get Coaching + Support from ecommerce experts


All customers get support from a human. You’ll never be left to figure it out on your own.

Free Onboarding Assistance

One of our experts will personally help you get Obviyo Recommend up and running on your store. You’ll soon have 6-8 live Growth Bots.

NOTE: not available to FREE Starter plan.

Success Manager

Enterprise customers have access to a dedicated Success Manager who can share best practices and recommend various Obviyo Recommend features to implement, aiming to optimize shopper retention and increase site revenue.

Start your revenue growth journey today.

Add the Obviyo Shopify app with just a few clicks – then select and activate your Growth Bots to unleash the hidden revenue potential of your store.