How Synergee Fitness increased mobile time on site by 236% with use of Amazon’s own personalization algorithms

UNIQUE INSIGHT: Visitor time on site is directly proportional to revenue per visit, which explains why mobile shoppers who spend much less time on site are trailing desktop revenue metrics – personalized recommendations are increasing time on site and thus revenue from each visit.

The Synergee story

It began with a question: “How can I make the incredible feeling of conquering a workout accessible to more people?”

Before starting Synergee®, the leading online retailer of home fitness equipment, this question used to keep Joey Huneau up at night. This is what motivated him to create a company that would value affordability and quality equally to make personal fitness goals within reach for all. This is how Synergee® came to be!


Synergee Fitness team’s mission was to bring the best of their thriving Amazon Marketplace business to Shopify Plus and influence the shopping experience on their own site.

One of the biggest challenges was that time-on-site and revenue captured from mobile shoppers lagged behind when compared to those shopping on desktop devices. More over, this phenomenon persisted as mobile traffic grew to reach a level of nearly twice that of desktop.


Obviyo Recommend caught the eye of Synergee Fitness team because it uses the same exact AI that personalizes A technology that is helping Amazon’s shoppers discover their products among millions of others on the market place.

Unlike conventional product recommendations widely available in the Shopify app marketplace, Amazon’s algorithms are designed to respond to live visitor actions and context in real time.

A hypothesis emerged: by increasing engagement with mobile shoppers, they would drive more new sales.

Synergee Fitness activated half dozen Obviyo’s Growth Bots, intelligent site elements that blend editorial content with personalized product recommendations across their site.

Within days they started to get results pointing in direction that the initial hypothesis was correct: more time on site – more revenue.


Time period: 4 weeks


Without Growth Bots:
Time on site: 153 seconds
Revenue per visit: $3.59


With Growth Bots:
Time on site: 236%  (554s)
Revenue per visit: 603%   ($17.87)


Mobile shoppers spend less time on site compared to desktop visitors.

Visitors’ average time on site directly correlates with revenue per visitor (RPV) metric, which explains why mobile revenue per visit is way below desktop RPV.


With Growth Bots, this brand is boosting mobile visitor time on site.

As a result, they’re significantly increasing revenue-per-visit (RPV) of visitors who are engaging with Growth Bots.

“If you are looking to replicate the Amazon product discovery experience on your own site to influence more conversions and sales, this is the app for you. We went live quickly, and continue to add Growth Bots across our whole site, including the cart. The support team have been very helpful during our initial rollout, and the Amazon’s machine learning is a seriously powerful stuff!”

– Joey Huneau,
Founder, Synergee Fitness