Scrubs & Beyond increases desktop cart page revenue per visit by +26.1% with multivariate customer experience optimization


When optimizing to improve customer experience, it’s important to go beyond the impact individual changes can have on a site. Multivariate optimization, where multiple site changes play as an ensemble, produces more accurate and, more importantly, more positive results.

Scrubs & Beyond story

Scrubs & Beyond is proud to be part of kindthread’s ecosystem of brands, dedicated to serving and transforming the healthcare apparel industry while driving positive community impact.

For over 20 years, Scrubs & Beyond has offered fashion-forward products and outstanding customer service.

Seeing an opportunity to raise the bar and provide a transformative experience catering to discerning healthcare professionals, Scrubs & Beyond has grown its business to become the largest retailer of healthcare apparel and accessories in the country.

With the acquisition of Uniform City and Life Uniform companies in 2013, Scrubs & Beyond currently operates 114 stores in 30 states nationwide and is one of the largest scrubs-based ecommerce businesses with a relentless focus on customer experience.


After successfully completing a major Magento ecommerce platform upgrade and site redesign, Scrubs & Beyond’s ecommerce team was focused on further improvements of the online shopping experience and better monetization of the existing web traffic.


The team wanted to experiment with a long list of optimization hypotheses that did not make the cut during the site redesign project.

In their attempt to achieve this goal they faced multiple obstacles:

  • Technology: running A/B tests in sequence, one after another, was limiting the scope and volume of what they wanted to optimize
  • Risk: management did not have much tolerance for any dip in conversion if a test hypothesis was negative
  • Time to results: the team wanted to be agile and needed a solution that could produce results quickly


Scrubs & Beyond’s ecommerce team selected Obviyo’s platform after learning about its adaptive algorithmic capability to run multiple A/B experiments in parallel. Obviyo’s multivariate optimization minimizes the risk of experimentation by dynamically allocating more traffic to winning treatments and throttling down non-performers, in real time. This approach also shortens the overall time to reach significant results.


With Obviyo’s experience optimization platform Scrubs & Beyond was able to overcome common limitations that prevented them to freely experiment and innovate to continually drive better revenue outcomes.

With the spirit of embracing the inner potential of their brand, and the desire to transform the healthcare apparel industry while driving positive community impact, the Scrubs & Beyond team set out to optimize their online store and give their customers the best possible experience when buying their products.

What follows are the learnings from one, out of many, optimization campaigns performed over years of using Obviyo on a continuous basis that illustrates the value and advantages of Obviyo’s methodology.

Cart optimization – desktop

Cart page experience is one of the most critical contributors to the success of the checkout process. The following components of the cart experience were included in this optimization experiment:

T – Cart Total

Hypothesis: having cart value visible at all times will increase cart page views and the overall checkout conversion rate.

B – Shipping Threshold

Hypothesis: hiding the existing free shipping threshold message will reduce cart page clutter and produce better results.

A – Auto Complete

Hypothesis: Auto-updating the cart total will ease the checkout process.

H – Header

Hypothesis: Simplified header in checkout will reduce unnecessary diversion from the checkout flow.

The main conversion goal was a successful completion of the checkout while the optimization goal was to maximize RPV (revenue-per-visit).


NOTE: The optimization campaigns were coded and performed for mobile and desktop devices separately. The following are results for the desktop version of the optimization campaign. The mobile version of the same campaign has produced the same winning ensembles.


Campaign duration: 5 weeks


CONVERSION RATE LIFT ATTRIBUTION: Indicators of how individual A/B test treatments are contributing to conversion lift when shown alone or in combination with other treatments – all relative to common baseline where none of the treatments are shown.


REVENUE PER VISIT LIFT ATTRIBUTION: Indicators of how individual A/B treatments are contributing to overall revenue growth revealing that what might be good for visitor conversion may not be as good for the overall revenue growth.

TOP ENSEMBLES: Showing Revenue Per Visit (RPV) lift for different combinations of A/B treatments playing at the same time.


If this experiment had been performed as a sequence of stand-alone A/B tests, the individual results shown below would lead to a conclusion that all treatments were either too weak or negative and not worth using.

The big reveal is that when multiple treatments are playing together, as an ensemble, they can produce an unexpected revenue per visit lift, as was the case with T1+A1+B ensemble which had +21.6% RPV lift.

Ensemble   CR LIFT RPV Lift
T1 +2.64% +3.04% 
H1 +5.18% +1.06% 
A1 -8.11% -11.89% 
B -11.54% -16.81% 
T1+H1+A1+B +13.65% +17.30% 
T1+A1+B +14.41% +21.61% 


When optimizing for better customer experience one can’t just consider the impact of individual site changes. A multivariate optimization method, where multiple site changes are playing as an ensemble, accounts for interdependencies between site changes and produces the most accurate results.


Adaptive multivariate optimization method provided by Obviyo reduces the risk of experience optimization campaigns while delivering higher revenue per visit lift than is possible with conventional A/B testing.

“Staging effective buying experiences at cart page is a complex problem with many moving parts. Obviyo’s adaptive algorithms made it possible to experiment and innovate better shopping experiences while minimizing the risk of experimentation and shortening time to results.”

– Andrew Figgins, VP Product Innovation, Scrubs & Beyond