How ‘Nordic Wholefoods’ Ruohonjuuri reduced first-time visitors cart abandonment rate by 17.31% with real-time product discovery experiences

UNIQUE INSIGHT: A large product catalog makes product discovery experience very challenging, especially for new visitors – a higher average order value and/or decrease in a cart abandonment rate are leading indicators of a personalization app success.

The Ruohonjuuri story

The story of Ruohonjuuri began with a small wooden shack located on the site of the Forum in the center of Helsinki where a group of young idealistic volunteers started the company for importing and selling recycled paper.

Many things have gone from marginal to normal during Ruohonjuuri’s long history – recycled paper and organic food were strange things in the early 1980s – but today they are quite commonplace.

Humanity, human experience and genuine, personal customer service have been important to Ruohonjuuri since the beginning and they will be so in the future as well.

Today, Ruohonjuuri offers shoppers a diverse range of high quality, environmentally responsible, organic, and fair-trade products, from grocery to cosmetics.



To better serve customers in areas of Finland and Europe with no access to brick-and-mortar locations, or those simply shopping from home, Ruohonjuuri was in search of an product discovery solution (and had tried out a couple).

The goal: to help new shoppers more effectively discover a product of interest in a large product catalog with over 9,000 different products, while adapting to existing customers’ varying  buying needs.

Collaborating with Europe’s top Shopify Plus agency, Woolman, the ecommerce team envisioned product recommendations that could adjust to a buyer’s onsite behavior in real time, leverage past purchases, one-click add-to-cart, show reviews, and dynamically adapt to sale prices.


Obviyo Recommend was selected because of its ease of use, rich functionality, and because it is powered by the same personalization algorithms used by Amazon, a parent company of the Whole Foods in US.

Gradually, a wide range of Growth Bots, a ready-to-go intelligent content blocks designed to perform specific real-time product discovery strategies were deployed right across the entire buyer journey – from Home page to Confirmation page. Returning visitors and buyers are offered a different engagement experience compared to new visitors.

An increase in results across all Growth Bots was almost immediate. Leading indicators that the app was driving results in the right direction were the average order value of new visitors that increased by +13.74% while cart abandonment rate decreased -17.31% – proof that product recommendations were very relevant and profitable.


Time period: 30 days



Without Growth Bots:
Cart abandonment: 91.98%
Average order value: €50.51


With Growth Bots:
Cart abandonment: 17.31%  (76.06%)
Average order value: 13.74%  (€57.45)


New visitors are engaging with the site much less compared to returning visitors.

Visitors’ number of clicks directly correlates with revenue per visitor (RPV) metric, which explains why new visitor revenue per visit is way below returning visitor RPV.


With Growth Bots, this brand is boosting the new visitor engagements.

As a result, they’re significantly increasing revenue-per-visit (RPV) of visitors who are engaging with Growth Bots.

“We are using Obviyo to provide personalized upsell and cross-sell for our customers. The onboarding process was very smooth, and the team from Obviyo was very professional and helpful during the process. The results have been very promising after two months, and we hope to see even better results with fine-tuning the recommendations further.”

– Tiina Tuohi, Ecommerce Manager at Ruohonjuuri