Closing the Mobile Commerce Gap

Deliver an optimal experience for the mobile shopper and boost revenue.

By 2021, mCommerce Sales are Expected to Account for 54% of Total eCommerce Sales

Are you confident your mobile experience is optimized to capture a piece of this pie?

Join the Mobile Optimization Initiative and be a part of something big. We’re on a mission to address the mobile commerce dilemma and get ahead of the competition for the lucrative mobile shopper.

The Mobile Commerce Dilemma

Consumers are spending more of their time on mobile than on any other device—yet that additional time is not resulting in increased revenue for merchants.


mCommerce accounts for 62% of website visitors but only 23% of total dollars spent1


86% of mobile shoppers abandon their cart during the checkout phase1

The Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative seeks to understand why the gap in mobile and desktop conversions exists and provides practical industry insights to help eCommerce providers succeed on mobile.

The Solution? The Mobile Optimization Initiative

The Mobile Optimization Initiative was established through the collaboration of a community of eCommerce System Integrators, with the unified goal to improve mobile customer experiences. Gain access to actionable data from real-life experiments conducted by merchants—just like you—and learn how small changes to your checkout funnel can have a big impact on your bottom line.