Latico Leathers boosts new visitors click rate by 609% with intent-based personalization

UNIQUE INSIGHT: new visitors are engaging with the site much less compared to returning visitors – increase the average number of clicks and overall revenue with product recommendations driven by live visitor actions.

The Latico story

Founder and CEO Paul Schreiber started Latico Leathers fresh out of college in 1984. He began selling leather goods out of his trunk in NYC, and soon enough, specialty boutiques in Greenwich Village couldn’t keep his merchandise in stock. Bands like the Grateful Dead eventually became fans of his genuine leather bags, and Latico grew into its identity as a leather goods company with a rock and roll twist.

Paul met his wife Lainie — an uptown girl with a New York fashion background — and the two launched a celebrated women’s line. The unique artisan linings, unexpected leather treatments, and extensive interior organization created during that time would come to define Latico’s signature style.

Today, customers refer to Latico as their “one-stop shop” for quality leather goods. In fact, over 80% of its business comes from repeat customers. We can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support!



Latico Leathers really needed a solution for product discovery on their Shopify store because majority of shoppers are new visitors unfamiliar with the brand and products.

This challenge is further amplified by the luxury nature of the offering and a high average order value.

The company realized that they need to deploy an effective product recommendation solution.

Selecting the right solution become a problem. They were stuck not knowing which one among dozens of recommendation apps in Shopify app store is the right solution for their brand.


Obviyo’s product recommendation app seemed like a no brainer to at least try. After-all, it came powered by Amazon Personalize – the exact same machine learning algorithms driving recommendations across

Instead of relying on the site’s navigation, product search, or filtering options for shoppers to find new products Latico deployed a multiple Obviyo’s Growth Bots, intelligent content blocks that blend editorial and personalized product recommendations, at higher up the funnel – homepage, category, and product pages.

Latico Leathers has quickly noticed increase in activity of new visitors who are browsing and interacting with recommendations – we might assume they are researching and comparing items. This actionable intelligence encouraged Latico team to showcase even more Growth Bots across up the funnel pages.


Time period: 30 days



Without Growth Bots:
Click rate: 7.8 clicks/visit
Revenue per visit: $1.34


With Growth Bots:
Click rate: 609%  (55.6 clicks/visit)
Revenue per visit: 748%  ($11.34)


New visitors are engaging with the site much less compared to returning visitors.

The number of visitor clicks directly correlates with revenue per visitor (RPV) metric, which explains why new visitor revenue per visit is way below returning visitor RPV.


With Growth Bots, this brand is boosting the new visitor engagements.

As a result, they’re significantly increasing revenue-per-visit (RPV) of visitors who are engaging with Growth Bots.

“The whole Obviyo team has been great from onboarding, to getting our website optimized and supporting us every step of the way. Most importantly, this app is responsible for a triple-digit increase in our revenue per visit rate. So yeah, we definitely recommend Obviyo”

Ben Schreiber, Head of Marketing at Latico Leathers & Founder, Digital Marketing Agency Brand Caffeine