Join the Mobile Optimization Initiative and be a part of something big. We’re on a mission to address the mobile commerce dilemma and get ahead of the competition for the lucrative mobile shopper.

“Reduced friction and improved mobile checkout CX drive compounding revenue lift of 9% to 15%, impacting both mobile and desktop.”

– Forrester

Key Findings

Organizations studied by Forrester experienced the following outcomes from participating in the Mobile Optimization Initiative:


Net Present Value (NPV) added



<3 Months


“It was a win-win for us. We were able to make our customers have a better experience. We were able to generate more revenue for the company as well as get valuable information about what does and doesn’t work.

– CTO, Magazine Publisher and Merchandiser

  • Mobile-specific treatments can have a positive lift when applied to desktop, reducing friction and improving the checkout experience.
  • Algorithms minimize traffic directed to failing experiments, avoiding the indirect cost of lost revenues.
  • Professional services and tool fees can be reduced dramatically by replacing some services and tools with participation in the Mobile Optimization Initiative.
  • Access to templated experiments and community-level insights reveal previously unknown revenue growth opportunities.
  • Better understanding of customers.

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