What is eCommerce Intelligence?


What is eCommerce Intelligence?

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The Smartest Way to Drive New eCommerce Revenue

eCommerce Intelligence is a new category of software that enables merchandisers and marketers to maximize revenue from every visitor session. Powered by deep machine learning, EI automatically personalizes and optimizes on-site shopping experiences for every visitor segment. The result is improved product discovery, which is known to boost revenue per visitor and return on advertising spend.

Why does eCommerce Intelligence matter?

Today, your Customer calls the shots when it comes to shopping online. And elite eCommerce teams know not to leave their conversion rate to chance, continuously obsessing over every detail of the shopping experience. The problem is – without the best technology and most innovative strategies – many retailers quickly fall behind their visitors’ expectations.

eCommerce Explodes

In 2020, eCommerce saw 10 year’s growth in 3 months¹. The cost of acquiring new customers rapidly increases.

Your opportunity to engage visitors has shrunk to mere seconds – leading retailers automate product discovery to grow new revenue from existing traffic.

Mobile Dominates Desktop

Over 50% of eCommerce sales in 2021 will come from mobile shoppers². This leads a fundamental shift in how we’re shopping online.

Just having a responsive site is not enough – top eCommerce teams show different products, content and layouts to every visitor segment.

Innovation Gaps Widen

90% of online retailers do not use the latest technology³. Companies that continue to invest are pulling away from the pack.

Customer-facing solutions offer biggest growth opportunities – machine learning and data automation has become an operational standard amongst the industry’s best.


HiConversion’s eCommerce Intelligence Platform

HiConversion’s eCommerce Intelligence platform uses deep machine learning to combine personalization, experience optimization, data analytics, and the latest CX strategies into a single solution. When all these features work together as one – centered around your visitors – you get to new online revenue faster and in a more predictable way.

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What makes HiConversion different?

Integrated Platform, Many Solutions

We unify data and strategy – across your entire experience optimization tech stack – into an intelligent, easy-to-use, platform.

Session-based Recommendations

We turbo-charge product discovery experience with recommendations driven by live customer behavior data – all powered by the same algorithms used on Amazon.com.
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Adaptive Optimization

We dramatically increase conversion lift while minimizing risk of testing with adaptive, real-time parallel experimentation – backed by patented AI.

Experience Analytics

We unify web visitor, optimization, and product discovery data to provide an actionable and complete picture of your eCommerce shopping experiences.

“We consider the ability to continually engage with customers and learn from their reactions to be our strategic competitive advantage.”

– Grant McAuslan, Director of eCommerce

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Total Economic Impact of HiConversion


mobile revenue increase


desktop revenue increase

< 3 months

payback time

See eCommerce Intelligence in action

Learn how HiConversion can help you grow new revenue from existing web traffic.

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