Collaborative Customer Experience Optimization

Improve the customer experience and achieve revenue growth faster in a collaborative community.

What is Collaborative Customer Experience Optimization?

Collaborative Customer Experience Optimization—or C-CXO—is the optimization of the customer experience based on intelligence gleaned from a collective approach to eCommerce experiments.

Merchants that take a C-CXO approach share anonymized data with a community of peers. In this way, they can compare their own results against industry averages and gain useful insights into mobile best practices based on the results of similar participants.

Why is it important?

There is a perception that customer experience optimization problems are easily solved through the use of a point solution. Unfortunately, the reality is completely different.

Methodologies used in many of these solutions are rooted in statistics used for a static world. Today, the certainty of future results does not exist—eCommerce sites are in a constant state of flux due to evolving technologies and the ever-changing behaviors of shoppers.

The technology behind C-CXO was invented specifically to solve this highly dynamic eCommerce problem.

Better Together: Collaborative Customer Experience Optimization

It takes a village to properly understand buyer behavior on desktop and mobile eCommerce sites.


of visitors bounce


of visitors never buy


of carts are abandoned

By standardizing experiments and sharing data across a community, merchants can better understand these phenomena—and take action to optimize their sites faster than they could in isolation.

Better Together


There are no best practices—what works for one set of merchants may not work for all. That’s why collaboration is important. The C-CXO process is unique in the adaptive nature of the experiments, the collaboration between merchants and systems integration agencies, and the ongoing experiments tested across a diverse array of merchant sites.

C-CXO in Four Easy Steps:


Step 01: Standardize the Experiments

Based on frequently-recommended best practices, repeatable experiment templates are available for testing.

Step 02: Apply to Many Merchant Sites

System integrators recommend and implement 3-5 experiments per merchant site.

Step 03: Roll Up Anonymized Data and Learn

Standardized experiment classifications enable cross-merchant data roll-up and analysis.

Step 04: Continuously Innovate to Improve Results

With the experiment templates as a starting point, merchants apply industry-wide insights to innovate and produce better results.

How it Works

C-CXO is designed from the ground-up and is adaptable to the dynamic nature of eCommerce.


Self-learning algorithms adapt to visitor preferences using real-time signals to stage the right buying experiences, for the right audiences, at the right time.


Disparate, non-compatible web and experience data sets come together under a single big data analytics architecture, enabling real-time algorithm data analysis.


Al optimization tools are integrated into a single platform and share the same application logic, fully leveraging positive cross-variable interactions to maximize global results


Adapts to visitor preferences in real-time through AI-powered experience morphing, which continually engages different audiences with different treatments while tracking outcomes.


Self-correcting feedback loops minimize the risk of optimization by overplaying good experiences while filtering out the bad ones in real-time, allowing brands to optimize many variables in parallel.

Learn more about the nuts and bolts of the tech stack here.

C-CXO in Practice

Collaborative Customer Experience Optimization comes to life in the Mobile Optimization Initiative. The Initiative facilitates a community of diverse merchants that sell different types of products, at different price points, to different audiences. They’re all unified by the desire to improve the mobile customer experience and to continually learn from one other.

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