Our Technology Advantage

The Mobile Optimization Initiative* is built on the only multi-dimensional customer experience analytics platform optimized for collaboration.

Unified Data Delivers Actionable Insights

The Mobile Optimization Initiative is built on the only technology platform that brings together visitor data and experience data for complete, multi-dimensional Collaborative Customer Experience Optimization (C-CXO) analytics.


Full Feature Enterprise Platforms

Mid-Market A/B Testing Tools

Analytics Tools

Mobile Optimization Initiative*

Web or CRM analytics (visitor data)

Customer experience optimization modules

Integrated visitor and customer experience data

Cross-experiment data analysis

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A Modern, Cloud-Based, Big Data Architecture

Our advanced analytics architecture enables community data sharing and delivers individual insights related to merchants specific sales funnels:
  • Diagnose problems based on customer behavior
  • Visualize visitor journeys
  • Detect kinks in the sales funnel
  • Experiment with different page elements to see how they impact overall results

Sales Funnel Kinks

Engagement Map

Best-of-Breed Partnerships for Rapid Installation and Seamless Operation

Our solution is designed for easy implementation. Simply add a snippet of code to your web pages or—if your site is built on a standard eCommerce platform like Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento, or Commerce Cloud—you can activate an integration connector. This is the only technical step in the implementation process.

Option 1 – Generic Tag

Option 2 – Native Connector

A Library of Pre-Configured Experiments

We provide a visual editor and experiment templates so you can set up your own experiments (without IT assistance!).

Easily access standardized tests and start conducting fully-customized multivariate testing today. After experiments are completed, go beyond general test metrics and learn about how different audiences reacted to different experiment options. In this example, one of the experiment treatments has an extraordinary lift for a display channel audience.

Channel Audience

Easily rollup results from different experiments to analyze how all treatments work together and how your site is performing overall.

Rollup Results

What Are You Waiting For?

Join the Mobile Optimization Initiative and start conducting your own experiments today.